Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a member of to play in the tournament?

Yes, you do need to be a member to play in the tournament. You need to be proficient in the use of the online game. You need to be familiar with playing with other members on the game site – not only playing with the robots/computer.

Can I play with my friends? How will the table assignments be made?

Players will be assigned to a table randomly to participate in the tournament. Players will be randomly scrambled from one round to the next throughout the tournament.


What is the skill level of the players in the tournament?

This is a skilled tournament. You must be able to use the online game at and Zoom to participate. The requirements are (1) to play with the latest NMJL card, (2) to know the current rules of the game, and (3) to be able to complete four games within the time limit of sixty minutes for each Round using the online game.

What is the difference between a tournament and regular social play?

The differences are primarily that (1) tournaments have timed play which requires players to play at a steady pace and make quicker decisions; (2) there is less chatter and the focus is on the game itself; and (3) because the games are scored play is more defensive in a tournament (perhaps a player breaks up a hand not to discard a tile for someone else’s hand to prevent a win). We encourage newer players to practice with other players (not robots) and get used to playing timed games.

What is the scoring system used for the tournament?

 Please see the Rules/Scoring section of this website for details.

How do I know at which table I will be playing?

You will receive an email before the tournament with the Username of the Table Host for each of the tables you will playing during the tournament on At the beginning of each round, you will locate the Username for that round and request to join the table. Print out and keep the Usernames for your Table Hosts as a reference during the day.

What happens if I lose my connection to the game or my internet connection?

Any connectivity issues are the problem of the player. If the player has connectivity issues, the computer will continue the game until the player can reconnect. If the player is able to reconnect, the player can re-enter the game (go to “Recently Played Games” and find the Username of your Table Host) and replace the computer. If the player is unable to reconnect during the game, the player receives a score of 0 for that game.


What should I do if the game freezes or stops?

First, hit “reload” on the options menu (the gear icon next to the chat box). If that does not help, exit the game; go to “Recently Played Games” and locate the Table Host; and then re-join the game.

Will the games be timed?

The tournament will consist of four Rounds.  Each Round of four games is played for a

total of 60 minutes or less. For example: two games may take 10 minutes each, one game may

Take 15 minutes, and one may last 20 minutes.  The Table Host will serve as the timer

and scorer for the game.

What if we run out of time before the four games are completed in a round?

You will receive 0 points for any game not completed in the allotted time.

When will the raffles be drawn and how may I be eligible to win?

Raffle tickets are sold at $10 for 5 and $20 for 12. Raffle tickets must be purchased when you register  before the registration deadline. Raffle tickets will be drawn at the end of the day during the live zoom gathering. You must be present on the zoom gathering to be eligible to win a raffle prize. The raffle prizes will be electronic Amazon gift cards that can be used online.