1. The tournament will consist of four Rounds. A Round consists of four games. Each Round of four games is played for a total of 60 minutes or less. For example: two games may take 10 minutes each, one game may take 15 minutes, and one may last 20 minutes.

2. Hands and rules are in accordance with the 2021 NMJL card.

3. Table Hosts will start a “New Game” in to begin the first game in each Round. Players join their assigned game by entering the username for their Table Host. Players do not start a Round. You will play at the same table for four games.

4. The Table Host will serve as the timekeeper for the tournament. The Host will set a timer for 60 minutes at the beginning of each round and notify the other players when to begin passing for the first Charleston. The Round will begin no later than the time posted in the tournament schedule. If a player is not in the game at the posted time, the Table Host will begin the game and a computer will take the place of the absent player. The player may join the game once it has started and replace the computer.

5. The Table Host will serve as the scorer for the tournament. At the end of a game, all players will wait for the Table Host to confirm and record the score AND wait for the prompt in the chat box from the Host before hitting “Play Again” to go to the next game (even if a computer wins a game) and before exiting at the end of the Round.




Scoring is based on the point values indicated for hands on the 2021 NMJL card. Add or subtract the following points as they apply to the game and/or winning hand:

+10 Points = Player picks their own winning tile for Mah Jongg

+ 20 points = Player wins Mah Jongg with no jokers

                        (except for singles or pair hands)

+10 points = To all players (except for a dead hand) if the game ends and no one wins (a Wall Game)

 0 points = If a player has a dead hand. A player has a dead hand if called so by the computer or another player.

     0 points = Any game not completed within the allotted time.

-20 points= Any player who discards the winning tile for Mah Jongg with 2 exposures

-25 points = Any Player who discards the winning tile for Mah Jongg with 3 exposures


Rules and Scoring

6. You should not exit the game during a Round. If you exit or are dropped out of the game, please rejoin your table immediately by looking for the username of the Table Host or other players. Table Hosts should rejoin the game from which they were dropped (please let them re-join the game).

7. Any connectivity issues are the problem of the player. If a player has connectivity issues, the computer will continue the game until the player can reconnect. If the player can reconnect, the player can rejoin the game by looking for the name of the Table Host and replace the computer in the game. If the player is unable to reconnect during the game, the player receives a score of 0 for that game.