Tips for Playing on

Make sure you have selected the 2021 card on the RealMahJongg game.

Under the playing screen towards the right-hand side are several features:

- Double arrows: click once to sort tiles by suit, click again to sort by number

- Chat box: you can chat in real time with the other players at your table by typing text

- Gear symbol: This is the Player Options Menu

o Reload: Use this if the game freezes or stops

o Sound on: Use this to hear the names of the tiles called

o Choose Tiles: Pick one of two sets available for display

o Frequently Asked Questions: These provide a lot of info…read

o Exit: If you need to leave the game in progress

SKIP feature: To expedite the game, please press SKIP in a timely manner if you do not want the tile. The system is set up to offer you an opportunity to select a tile if you are able. It does not know what hand you are going for…just if you are able to choose it according to the NMJL rules. Press SKIP if you do not want the tile.

Joker exchange: After you start your turn by picking a tile, double click or tap on the joker you want to exchange. The system will automatically make the exchange for the tile in your rack! (Another method is to drag the tile to the joker on the screen.)

Changed your mind on a move? Look for the x in the top right corner of the tile.

- When you call for a discard, the tile will appear on your exposure rack. You may return this tile to the table BEFORE adding any other exposures. Click on the x and the tile will be returned to the discard pile.  (if you add any additional tiles from your rack you are locked into this exposure per NMJL rules).

- After the end of the first Charleston, you may pass tiles for the beginning of the second Charleston and change your mind BEFORE hitting the red PASS button. Then click/tap on the x spot on the tiles and they will be returned to your rack. Follow the prompts after that.

Shortcuts using a desktop or laptop computer:

- Single click spacebar to Pass, Pick or Skip

- Double click spacebar to discard the tile furthest on the right end of the rack

Our recommendation is to practice, practice, practice!